What Is The Dark Fiber Community?

Simply put it is the 24/7/365 online resource for the major components of lit network design, engineering and implementation. Think of it as the decision-makers non-stop industry event custom built for those lookig for answers.

Imagine a variety of transport equipment vendors for long and short haul, wireless backhaul with the lowest latencies, highest densities for DWDM and Ethernet with whitepapers of their best-of-breed products showcased all in one place. 

In this same place you can chat online with their "experts" to ask questions about your specific network needs and even coordinate a face to face meeting at a time and location of your choice.

Imagine being able to choose from a collection of network management providers that exist to operate, service, maintain and support your network equipment through their NOC on an outsourced basis.

Imagine having the same level of access to several major colocation facility operators in major markets as well as markets you may have not been aware of - all places where you can easliy locate your equipment and interconnect to dozens and even hundreds of other networks.

Knowing the who, how and where to go to build, manage and get your network connected to other networks is the key to deriving the greatest value. This is what the Dark Fiber Community brings to YOU!

There is no need to imagine - welcome to the Dark Fiber Community!

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