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The Allied Fiber team has spent some quality time in Washington DC over the past few weeks and it was time well spent. We had 18 meetings with Members of Senate and Congress and their staff covering the States and Districts that Allied Fiber will touch in our Phase 1 build-out between New York, Chicago and Ashburn, VA.

The mission was to get the message out - which we did. The message is that Allied Fiber intends on creating several short and long term jobs while enabiling everything that relies on communications networks by creating the critical fiber, tower and colocation infrastructure that communications networks need to succeed. 

We came to the meetings to deliver our message along with our NTIA Comments. Our summary is:

Over the past ten years, we have learned that knowledge is power. Broadband networks deliver knowledge. With power comes money. With money comes growth. It is a simple equation. It is a machine. If its pieces are assembled properly and it is well-oiled with no false restrictions, it works. It has a direct positive multiplier effect on the productivity of individuals and has been and will continue to be a major driver of the new economy. This can be nothing but good for the economy.

We would like to thank everyone again for taking the time to meet with us.

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