The Reasons For New Fiber - Gambia Knows!

There are several reasons including network route diversity, latest generation fiber and redundancy in case of a cut. Most people know this, but some still fail to see (or want to obscure) the truth from others.

In any case do not take it from hearsay... look at why Gambia's incumbent Gamtel is building new fiber under its Cross Gambia Project:

From TeleGeography

"(Gamtel)...with Senegalese counterpart Sonatel will extend fibre links from Dakar through Kaolack, Karang, Barra, Banjul, Serrekunda, Yundum, Brikama to Seleti in Casamance to terminate on Sonatel's fibre network. The new infrastructure will provide an alternative route to the fibre link between Basse in Gambia and Velingara in Senegal, which was implemented in 1996. As well as eliminating the serious problem of disruption to bilateral international traffic whenever the older fibre is cut, the rollout will also increase Gamtel's international internet bandwidth." 

Wow - amazing - they are installing fiber on a route where they already have a fiber connection. Actually, not so amazing. What is amazing is that there was only one path since 1996 and it seems they have experienced cuts in the past which have disrupted service. A total loss of service is not acceptable in most places in the world. I am glad to see Gambia is making this investment. 

It is also helpful to understand that no one fiber network is an island. This is shown through the partnership between Gamtel and Sonatel.

Gambia is the smallest African nation, but they obviously have big plans for fiber and are making a wise and proper investment in the future of their country.

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