East Africa Submarine System - EASSy - Complete

The EASSy international fiber-optic cable was completed ahead of schedule. This is big news for Africa and just in time for the FIFA World Cup. It is not a surprise that this major global sporting event was a major driver for all of this new investment.

The largest shareholder of EASSy is the West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC). Shareholders in WIOCC include Botswana Telecommunications Corp, TelOne of Zimbabwe, Libyan Post, Telecom & IT Company, Dalkom Somalia, Djibouti Telecom, Gilat Satcom Nigeria, the Seychelles government, Lesotho Telecommunications Authority, Onatel Burundi, Telkom Kenya, TDM Mozambique, U-Com Burundi, Uganda Telecom and Zantel Tanzania.

It is great to see so many different organizations come together to create such important and needed transport capacity. The primary service of the EASSy cable is transport and it comes in increments from 2 meg (E1's) to multi-gig wavelengths, but this transport is really to support the growth and need for Internet access. 

It is amazing to think that there could be a cross-connect that spans from South Africa to London, or New York that facilitates IP Peering from there and back. 

Next up is a new IX in South Africa. That should help the other African nations keep IP traffic local so they don't need to backhaul it all the way to London, etc and also cause networks outside of Africa to lease capacity to S.A. verses everything coming out of S.A.

For those interested, here is a very good African Bandwidth Map

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