Fiber is Needed at Thousands of Cell Sites

Apple sells 2 million iPads and there are still people wondering why there needs to be new fiber built all over the USA?

For the avoidance of doubt check out this webinar from Light Reading, Cisco, CFN Services and Razorsight.

By the year 2012, 65% of all phones will be Smart Phones. This, along with the deployment of 4G/LTE, is driving exponential growth in data traffic which creates a huge burden on the already saturated networks of the wireless providers. The aging backhaul network, primarily designed for voice, is ill-equipped to handle this traffic and will quickly become a bottleneck.

The wireless operators are working with a multitude of suppliers to quickly deploy fiber to the nation's 260,000 US Cell towers. CLECs, RLECs, LECs, MSOs and Fiber Construction firms are in a position to grow revenues by winning the resulting business in support of these new deployments.

Experts from Cisco, CFN Services and Razorsight will present the business opportunities and best practices to ensure you capitalize on the bandwidth explosion that is occurring over the next 1-4 years. This informative Webinar will be moderated by Light Reading.

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