INOC Joins the Dark Fiber Community

INOC joins Allied Fiber's Dark Fiber Community

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INOC, a 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and global provider of outsourced NOC monitoring, reporting and support services for Carriers, today announces it has joined Allied Fiber’s Dark Fiber Community. The Dark Fiber Community is an online vendor directory that mirrors the fiber eco-system with participants ranging from fiber technology and equipment manufacturers to infrastructure providers and service vendors. INOC’s participation reinforces that remote network monitoring remains a critical component to delivering reliable dark and lit fiber services. Since September, Allied Fiber, the sponsor of the TMCNet online resource, has successfully recruited more than 35 companies to participate in the Dark Fiber Community.

“High demand for bandwidth services is forcing rapid innovation in the fiber world. Adoption of these new ideas requires market confidence and there is no better way to foster that than to bring the fiber community together to collectively educate the end-user,” says Prasad Ravi, chief executive officer at INOC. “INOC is honored to participate in the Dark Fiber Community and embraces Allied Fiber’s vision of an 'all access' network or community that makes information on advanced fiber solutions readily available to all end-users.”

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