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FirstNet - Step 1

Getting anything accomplished, particularly along the lines of something the size of FirstNet, requires a massive coordination of efforts and awareness, but that's exactly what seems to be the issue at the moment. As significant as FirstNet is to the United States, and considering the dire urgency of its creation, there doesn't seem to be any alignment of the goals and objectives along with the messaging for the masses. To be clear, it is not very clear. Full Story

Posted on January 6, 2013 9:24 PM

FirstNet - The $7B Startup Funded by the United States Congress

That's the official statement. If the "safety" overtones are removed it reads completely differently. FirstNet "will help" safety in the U.S., but after a close read of the Act, it's clear that FirstNet is not limited to only investing in creating, operating and serving safety networks. That is an important distinction, borderline omission, in the headline story. Full Story

Posted on January 6, 2013 9:10 PM

The Allied Fiber Wireless Backhaul Solution

The process of creating a new National physical infrastructure is as much about education as it is finance, sales and construction. Full Story

Posted on February 11, 2011 1:33 AM

INOC Joins the Dark Fiber Community

High demand for bandwidth services is forcing rapid innovation in the fiber world. Adoption of these new ideas requires market confidence and there is no better way to foster that than to bring the fiber community together to collectively educate the end-user Full Story

Posted on February 1, 2011 10:31 PM

Allied Fiber Thanks the Dark Fiber Community Members

Allied Fiber would like to thank all of the Dark Fiber Community Members for their support! ADC, ADVA Optical Networking, Avvio Networks, Berlin Pacific, Brickhouse Small Business, BTI, Calix, Ciena, Cisco, ComTran Group, Dialectic Networks, Ekinops, Force10, Fujitsu, Gigabeam, Henkels & McCoy, i3 America, Infinera, INOC, Integration Partners, JDSU, Keenwire, Light Speed, Michels Pipeline, NEC, Nokia Siemens Networks, OFS, Optelian, Orckit, Pioneer Consulting, Powder River Development, Rubicon, SGI , SkyFiber, Sumitomo Electric, SynchroNet, Telco Systems Tellabs, Thermo Credit, UNS LLC , Vello Systems, Wireless Siting Solutions, XKL and XO Full Story

Posted on November 23, 2010 9:49 PM

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