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Zayo Joins Allied Fiber's Dark Fiber Community

24/7 Fiber Network, AboveNet, ADC, ADVA, Atlantic-ACM, Avvio Networks, Berlin Pacific, Brickhouse, BTI, Calix, Ciena, Cisco, Communities United For Broadband, ComTran Group, Cyan, Dialectic Networks, DuPont Fabros, Ekinops, Equinix, FAST Robot AG, FiberLight, Force10, Fujitsu, Gigabeam, Global Capacity, GO Express, Grubb & Ellis, Henkels & McCoy, i3 America, Infinera, INOC, Integration Partners, JDSU, Juniper, Keenwire, Lectrus, LightSpeed, Looking Glass Technologies, Michels, MRV, NEC, Newmark Knight Frank, Nokia Siemens, OFS, Optelian, Orckit, Pioneer Consulting, Powder River Development, Rainbow Design, Rubicon, SGI, Sidera Networks, SkyFiber, Sumitomo Electric, Sunesys, SynchroNet, Team Fishel, Telco Systems, Tellabs, TelPlexus, Thermo Credit, Tier1 Research, TRM, UNS LLC & Datapod, Vello Systems, Wireless Siting Solutions, WISPA, XKL, XO, Zayo Full Story

Posted on June 9, 2011 9:02 PM

Allied Fiber to Complete Construction of 1,300 Route-Mile Phase One Component of a Nationwide, Carrier-Neutral, Dark Fiber Network

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 23, 2010) - Allied Fiber announces today that the Company has entered into financing arrangements with financial partners, including affiliates of Falcon Investment Advisors, LLC and ABRY Partners, LLC, to complete funding for phase one of its new, network-neutral, high-count dark fiber, colocation and wireless tower integrated system. Construction of the first phase linking New York City, Chicago and Ashburn, VA is already underway and is expected to be complete by May 2011. Full Story

Posted on November 23, 2010 8:35 PM

Another National Broadband Plan - Based on Fiber!

Very interesting. Not a large IX at all and not many big names, but the BIX is responsible for overseeing all operational aspects of the plan. Maybe each state in the US needs its own local IX and that group should be responsible for the state broadband plan? Then it would just be a matter of interconnecting those state level IX's with dark fiber and a system would be born. Full Story

Posted on July 8, 2010 9:50 PM

Fiber is Needed at Thousands of Cell Sites

Apple sells 2 million iPads and there are still people wondering why there needs to be new fiber built all over the USA? Full Story

Posted on June 9, 2010 3:16 AM

The BBC and Grumpy-Vision

Having the best (fiber) network and also the content puts BT in the driver's seat for sure. BT and its customers are not listed amongst the Grumpy as a result. Full Story

Posted on March 12, 2010 7:12 PM

The Reasons For New Fiber - Gambia Knows!

Wow - amazing - they are installing fiber on a route where they already have a fiber connection. Actually, not so amazing. What is amazing is that there was only one path since 1996 and it seems they have experienced cuts in the past which have disrupted service. A total loss of service is not acceptable in most places in the world. I am glad to see Gambia is making this investment. Full Story

Posted on February 14, 2010 3:12 PM

KBRO Technology Trends 2010 Conference - Bandwidth: The Increasing Value of Fiber

My panel is entitled "Bandwidth: The Increasing Value of Fiber" and will include management from several companies mentioned in our recent report Rise of the Horizontally Aligned Fiber Company - A Newly Defined Opportunity. Full Story

Posted on December 19, 2009 4:48 PM

Fiber to the Tower - blog a blog

The USA is just catching on to what other countries (most of which of much smaller geographically hence their advanced state) already know - the future is mobile and people use a ton of data, so fiber is essential. Full Story

Posted on November 16, 2009 1:25 AM

Taiwan - 80% Fiber Coverage By 2010

Hopefully fiber deployment will have some per mile/per capita figure that equates to an increase in GDP formula that can be applied to all countries. If we then build an open, National Fiber Network we can apply that formula to ourselves and forecast how we will pay down our $1.4 Trillion deficit. No other infrastructure, or industry will be able to create enough value and expand faster than our spending and debt. Full Story

Posted on October 17, 2009 4:07 PM

Central African Broadband Plan

Central Africa has a broadband plan, based on a fiber core and being funded by the World Bank with US$. Full Story

Posted on October 7, 2009 7:56 PM

Global Dark Fiber Projects Abound

What is so crazy about a new, large dark fiber build? Apparently if you look around the world there is nothing crazy about it at all. Some countries may seem to not have enough fiber, others may already have plently, but require more fiber, newer fiber, or fiber in places that have not had it before. Full Story

Posted on September 26, 2009 3:23 AM

Even Sri Lanka Has A National Fiber Plan

Even Sri Lanka has a plan and they know it starts with fiber Full Story

Posted on August 17, 2009 2:56 PM

Dark Fiber Research Reports

In my travels I have looked for Dark Fiber research. I have not found much of anything for the current state of long haul in the US. I have not found much actual research on regional fiber either although that is a... Full Story

Posted on February 23, 2009 6:47 PM

What Is The Dark Fiber Community?

Simply put it is the 24/7/365 online resource for the major components of lit network design, engineering and implementation. Think of it as the decision-makers non-stop industry event custom built for those lookig for answers. Imagine a variety of transport equipment vendors for... Full Story

Posted on February 23, 2009 6:20 PM

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