Stylish VoIP?

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Stylish VoIP?

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It's called the Tatung VoIP and is designed by Nova Design. Sad to say, it's only on exhibition at this time.

The phone features Bluetooth, Wireless and touch pad design, and is fairly easy to connect to your VoIP Service.  Other than that, it's pretty straight forward as a VoIP phone and is devoid of unnecessary features, making VoIP calls easy to accomplish.

It features a geometric shape that keeps the look and feel simple and soft.  To imply that "You're connecting to something", they threw in a retro throwback with a faux antenna that actually adds a little extra something to the phone visually.  The upper casing is interchangeable and customizable for more individual style, with various colors and patterns to choose from.   Large buttons and a simple interface and keypad layout keep the phone user-friendly, especially for new users.

The concept of VoIP is still daunting to a lot of consumers, but if marketed correctly the Tatung will definitely attract more attention to the VoIP revolution. Fashionable with all the functionality that VoIP offers.  It's no wonder that it is the winner of the 2008 iF Golden Award, US EID Golden Award, and Red Dot Design Award.

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