frogLight - Green design in a standard form

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frogLight - Green design in a standard form


To go environmentally friendly with your lighting solutions, you need to basically stick to CFLs or LEDs right now.  The CFLs on the market are non-dimmable , manufactured using very toxic materials (mercury), and cast that cold tint that feels like the juices are being sucked from your eyeballs.  You also have to question how "green" they are when most consumers throw fluorescents out with the trash, even though they are technically toxic waste.


The high-powered LED alternative uses significantly less power than a CFL, can be tuned to give a much more pleasant color output, and contain no mercury.  The only drawback is the heat generated that can affect the life of the LED.


Frog Design did not only want to create an environmentally friendly bulb, but also design it around the psychology of light quality and the impact that has on the acceptance of current offerings on the market.  The genius behind their design of the frogLight is that they deliver the technology in an already widely accepted form... the shape of a standard light bulb.  The consumer does not have to change their form of power, or the light socket, or replace that old dusty lamp shade that attaches right to the bulb.


The final concept retains most of the functionality of a incandescent; such as dimming capabilities, a pleasant lighting quality and color, and uses a standard socket connection.  As a green solution it offers better energy efficiency than CFLs, uses no mercury, and is projected to last about 30 years.

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