New Nano Impression

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New Nano Impression

Today the new iPod Nano was introduced to the world by Mr. Steve Jobs and I'm mildly impressed.  It's smaller, somewhat thinner, and comes in every color of the rainbow (actually it only comes in 9, but that's good enough for me).

It has that curved surface, tapered edge, slick-aluminum look that Apple seems to be taking their latest designs in the direction of.  It's actually as thick as the old model of the Nano at its thickest point, but it tapers off greatly and accompanied with its length, it gives an overall "thinner" feel.

It also features an accelerometer like the iPhone and iTouch, so a user can turn their Nano and view in landscape.

So far the only criticism I have is this whole "shake-to-shuffle" feature.  Neat idea, but I sense a flaw. Aside from the iPod shuffle, it would be the top choice of hardware offered by Apple for listening while working out or running.  Especially with this new Nike + iPod option. But, if I'm running and my iPod decided to switch songs every stride, I'm likely to chuck it across the gym.

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