The trouble with new technology design

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The trouble with new technology design

Thumbnail image for xof1.JPGMarcelo da Luz , a Canadian solar pioneer, is the project catalyst, design concept, mechanic and driver of the Xof1 (power of one) solar-powered car.  The goal of the project is to develop and build a solar car to set a word distance record, and promote the use of clean and sustainable energy.  All in all a grand and noble idea, but his design has recently been getting him into a little trouble with the law.

Upon entering Alaska earlier this week, a concerned citizen mistook the Xof1 for a UFO and called the local police.  The police chased Marcelo down, interrogated him, and upon realizing he was not a martian doing reconnaissance in preparation of a mass invasion, they promptly let him go.

Apparently this isn't the first time the Xof1 has gotten Marcelo into trouble either (  

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