Halloween, Jack O' Lanterns, and Robots?

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Halloween, Jack O' Lanterns, and Robots?

lumenlab-pumpkin.jpgIt's almost Halloween and you need a Jack O' Lantern to greet the kid's.  You're terrible at carving and you have no design skills. So what to do?

I've found your solution.  For the meager price tag of $1,575.00 (plus shipping) you can own your very own robot that will do it for you in a bout 20 minutes time!

Lumenlab has found a new use for their DIY CNC RoGR Gantry Robot... transferring your face to a pumpkin.  All it takes is the robot, a photo, and open source software called EMC2.  EMC2  comes with a program called "Image to gcode" that allows you to transition a gray scale indexed image to a depth map g-code for the RoGR to follow.

Very non traditional and probably not the most efficient use of a robot, but definitely interesting.  See more about the carving and a video here.