Nine Inch Nails Melds Music, Technology, and Design

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Nine Inch Nails Melds Music, Technology, and Design

Thumbnail image for NIN-design.gifTrent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails wanted to get into the use of visuals to frame his music on stage to create an "organic" performance.  He calls it an interactive way to "use video as an instrument."

The Lights and Sky Tour features Trent and 4 band members on an elaborate stage where they control video loops and computer effects at will.  The company that brought this all of this together is the Moment Factory based in Montreal.  The company, which is mostly know for its work with Cirque du Soleil, was founded in 2001 to create "visual environments, mixed media entertainment, and multi-platform content".

During approximately half of the concert, the work of the Moment Factory is on display,  and half of that is interactive.  One example of an interactive sequence is when Trent walks towards the projection screen and a hollow opens around him.  But where, when, and how that hollow appears all depends on what Trent does at that specific concert.  Each concert has it's own unique visual experience made possible by the technology they invested in.

The effects that I have been able to view on the Moment Factory's blog site are astounding, and all of the reviews have been more than positive.  I know NIN isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I highly suggest taking a look at what they've done if you have any interest in the advance of multimedia technology and functionality. For me, it's a perfect meld of technology and design. Now I just need to get a ticket and see it for myself live.

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