Will the BlackBerry Storm blow the competition away?

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Will the BlackBerry Storm blow the competition away?

storm_small.jpgI'm behind the times when it comes to my mobile phone.  It's not that I don't want a 3G phone, but I'm afraid of it becoming a leash.  However, times are changing, and I really can't afford to not have e-mail or browsing capabilities on the road anymore, so now I have to figure out... which one?

A big part of my hang-up on this is that I like certain aspects of a lot of phones and don't want to invest in one while coveting another.  I've followed the iPhone hype, I've tested them, I have friends who swear by them. I'm an apple fan, own 2 iPods, have worked on a mac for years, and really have a hard time justifying why I'm not blogging from one right now.  But, I've had AT&T service before, and I can honestly say I wasn't impressed and swore to never go back after a questionable customer service experience. 

I'm currently a Verizon customer and have been receiving a lot of marketing pieces regarding the new BlackBerry Storm, the world's first touchscreen BlackBerry device.  I actually just received an e-blast from Verizon this morning prompting me to sign up to get up-to-date information about it's availability, so that I can be the first to get my hands on it.

I've been doing my research and the Storm sounds promising.  It has the touchscreen that a lot of consumers are drawn to with the iPhone, accompanied with the sophisticated design and appearance of a BlackBerry.   Functionally, it supposedly features a 3.2 megapixel-camera and a removable memory card.*  It has a full HTML browser.  It has Visual Voicemail. It has the highest resolution screen ever featured on a BlackBerry.

Once the Storm has been released I hope to get my hands on one to test before diving into my new mobile experience, but for now, I wait with the rest of the blogosphere for the next CrackBerry and how it will compete with everything else offered out there.

*edited to reflect correction mentioned in comments

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Feedback for Will the BlackBerry Storm blow the competition away?


You might have gotten a bad piece of information because the Blackberry Storm 9530 does not have a sliding QWERTY keyboard it is all touchscreen like the Iphone.

Scott, I'm with you about the new Blackberry Storm. I've been with Verizon for many, many years and this has to be the best smartphone coming out to date. I've been a Treo user for 2 years and need an updated phone like the Storm. I've been reading a lot about the comparisons to the iPhone and have come to find out the Storm should be a much better product. All my friends who own the iPhone are very disappointed with all the glitches it's had from day one. I can't wait until I can go in to pick up the new Storm next month when it arrives at Verizon. I'll be one of the first to comment with you on it's functionality for sure.

Scott - I am right there with you on all points - In fact I started a Blackberry Storm Social network. Can you give it some love in your next article?

it's on the Ning.com network at http://blackberrystorm.ning.com

I also wanted the iphone, actually purchased it, and switched back to verizon to escape the terrible service. I'm dying for this phone to come out, but we need to taper our expectations. There's no way the touch screen will be as good as iPhones. Nothing on the market is even close, and Apple has all that technology patented. The email support will obviously be better, and if the internet works well (which I'm highly suspect of), it will be a worthy option for people who want good phone service with their email and internet. It will never be an iphone though. I won't be able to sync my itunes, or iphoto. The games and apps won't be as good. Verizon won't let them. And we have to pay extra for visual voicemail and vz navigator, because Verizon likes nickel and dime its customer's to death.

Will I get this phone the instant it comes out? Yes.

Will it compete with iphone? I hope so.

Will it be better? No way.

Hey Scott... perhaps you would also like to look at the HTC Touch HD...