Finally... the BlackBerry Storm is here

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Finally... the BlackBerry Storm is here

storm_now.jpgI've been loosely following some of the hipe in this blog and now we've finally reached the release day.  As of this morning, you can purchase the worlds first touch screen BlackBerry.  Through Verizon it is available for $199 ($249 2 year price minus $50 mail-in rebate debit card) and a new 2 year activation.

I was hoping to be one of the first to comment on real world experience with its functionality and the pro's and con's of the touch screen design...  but I was informed last night by my fiancee that I am now in the "Christmas Blackout" period.  Basically I'm not allowed to buy myself anything until December 26th.

So please feel free to drop me a line or comment here and tell me and the rest of the TMCbloggers how great this phone is or how terrible your experiences are with it.  Meanwhile, I'll wait for Santa.

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Should I give "SANTA" aka mom some hints...HAHAHAH