Mac based web developers may want to check out Coda before Dreamweaver

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Mac based web developers may want to check out Coda before Dreamweaver

Coda.pngI didn't learn web development the best way and I know it.  My first real job was a typesetting and page layout position for a publishing company.  One day the boss asked me if I had any interest in web development.  I had zero experience, but said "Sure".  I assumed they'd be sending me to classes and putting me through some sort of training program.  I was wrong. I was given a Mac G5 loaded with Adobe and Macromedia software, a book on html and a book on coldfusion, and told "Get to it".

Dreamweaver helped me through teaching myself the ways of the web, and I'm grateful for it.  I still use Dreamweaver to this day because I'm comfortable with the functionality and the interface, even though Adobe has been slowly changing it on me since they assimilated Macromedia.  But now, I'm not so sure I need it anymore.

I've never been a "Drag and Drop" designer, and hardly ever use the design view on Dreamweaver.  Actually I hardly use any of the bells and whistles of Dreamweaver.  I'm a hand coder.  Line by line I write out everything.  It's how I tought myself, it's faster for me, and there's no suprises later on.

I stumbled upon Coda late last week. The "One-window Web Development" application for Mac OS X (sorry PC users) by Panic.  I downloaded the 14 Day trial, launched the program, and was instantly blown away at the interface.  It could possibly be the most well designed development application I've ever used.  You could tell that the guys at Panic designed something they actually wanted to use themselves.

In one tabbed window, Coda provides text editor, file transfer, svn, css, terminal, books, and more.  Coda uses the power of Transmit, the award winning FTP companion also developed by Panic.  The tabbed layout could possibly be one of Coda's best functionalities.  I can easily flip between editing a file, to my terminal, to a preview, while keeping everything organized.  It doesn't have any of the unnecessary garbage I never use in Dreamweaver, and is basically designed around everything a hand coder would need.  I'm sold.

So here's the kicker...I recently purchased Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver CS4 application and licence = $399 (Upgrade $199)
Coda = $99

I'd advise checking out the free trial if I were you.  

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