The new MacBook vs. the Economy

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The new MacBook vs. the Economy

On November 10th, Digitimes reported that Apple and Asustek were reducing notebook outsourcing by 20-30% for the fourth quarter of this year.  This came less than a month after the October 14th launch of the Unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro.  It's not very surprising in these economic times, and it also may be that they are bringing production levels down to a normal level after trying to meet the demands of the first month after launch.

Recent reports say that Apple saw a 28% increase in sales over last October following the launch of the new MacBooks and HP has reported that their Q3 notebook revenue grew 26%. But in the long run, I think Apple might be pricing itself out of the competition with how tight money is this holiday season.

The new MacBooks haven't reduced in price at all as far as I can tell, while Windows notebooks have seen about a 20% price drop in the past 2 years.  I'm a Mac fan, but you have to wonder how it is all adding up?  You're not getting a Blu-Ray player, or Wi-Max, or even your old FireWire port to use with your camcorder anymore. What you do get is some increased graphics and backlighting, all enclosed in a single block of aluminum.

With the economic downturn, consumers are going to be more careful about their larger purchases. I live on computers and have years of experience on both Mac and PC, but many consumers do not.  Personally, I will pay the price for the Mac OS and performance. But, the general consumer wants the "goodies", they want more for less, and they could care less if it all comes packaged in an expensive solid piece of aluminum.

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