Christmas Technology versus Tradition

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Christmas Technology versus Tradition

I just got a Christmas Card.  Right this second... at work... in my e-mail box.  While I should be filled with holiday cheer as the penguins on my screen sing "Jingle Bells" and feel the warmth of brotherly love from the friends who sent it, instead I'm rather sad.  Mostly because I'm familiar with e-cards and how they work.  You Google "Christmas E-Cards", pick a site that appeals to you, look through a few options, load in a list of e-mails from your contact list, submit, done in about 10 minutes. Merry Christmas.

What happened to building a list of people you actually care about, going to Hallmark and selecting the cards that best reflect how you view Christmas, or hell, even designing your own?  Signing each one and maybe even adding a little something unique and personal to each one? Spending a whole night filling out and licking the envelopes. I remember as a child, sitting in the car with my Mother on our way to have our Christmas cards post marked in Bethlehem, CT just to add that extra little Christmas care.

Even my Christmas music has been affected.  There's no special box in the closet anymore, full of the Chipmunks Christmas or Bing Crosby records and cassettes.   You just select the "Holiday" genre on your iTunes and hit play, or go to Pandora or some other online streaming music site and just let the Christmas channel go in the background.  There's no value to it anymore, it's just there.

Forget the crowded shops and lugging 8 bags around the mall... we've got now.  Picking a Christmas Tree from the local Lion's Club in town?  Nah, Kmart sells a sweet fake one, with a perfect shape, won't drop it's needles, and a little more and you don't even have to string the lights. Hey, let's roast chestnuts on the open fire!  Oh wait... that's not a fire, that's a DVD of a fire playing on our HDTV.

I love technology, I love gadgets, but I want my Christmas back.

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