YouTube Client Offers Richer Experience for BlackBerry Storm Users

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YouTube Client Offers Richer Experience for BlackBerry Storm Users

blackberry-storm-youtube.jpgThe BlackBerry Storm's built-in web browser is capable of browsing YouTube, but it was a little depressing that my new toy did not come with a YouTube application out of the box like the iPhone does.  The experience worked well enough for my purposes, but a dedicated client is usually much more user friendly and offers more on a mobile device.

Google answered the call and has now released a YouTube client for the BlackBerry Storm (Version 1.6.10).  According to Google this dedicated client will offer Stormies a much richer mobile video experience.

I downloaded the 520.1KB client to my Storm this morning and I fully agree.  This is a much better mobile YouTube experience. 

Features included in this client:
  • Browse through millions of videos through different criteria on your phone
  • Access favorites and playlists from your YouTube account
  • Upload videos directly from your Storm to YouTube
  • Share and rate videos
  • Keyword search for videos
  • Related video suggestions to videos you watch
If you own a Blackberry Storm and you use YouTube semi-frequently...  I highly suggest downloading this client.

Download YouTube Mobile for the BlackBerry Storm.

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