GEDC Sets a New Wireless Standard

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GEDC Sets a New Wireless Standard

60ghz-wireless.jpgI personally get very excited when I read about new steps in wireless technology.  I own a lot of gadgets, a lot of media hardware, and a lot of computers. With all of that comes a large electric bill and worse yet... a lot of wires. They're everywhere, they're a pain to keep organized and to hide, and they keep my gadgets confined to restricted areas.  I dream of the day when every gadget I own is wireless.  According to a report from ScienceDaily, my dreams may be approaching reality.

The Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has developed a new chip design that promises wireless functionality for ultra-fast media applications.  The new Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) chip is capable of transmitting 60 GHz digital Radio Frequency (RF) signals.  The chip "represents the highest level of integration for 60GHz wireless single-chip solutions."

What does this mean?  Multi-gigabit wireless technology is the next step for new wireless applications.  Consumers and IT markets alike will benefit from this new technology. Potentially, it means that you can move gigabytes of photos and video from your camera to a PC almost instantly.  Download a high-def movie to your handheld device from a kiosk or your PC in seconds.  DVD players, Desktops Computers, and Data Centers... all virtually wireless.

This technology is the future of wireless communications.

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