Pandora for the BlackBerry Storm?

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Pandora for the BlackBerry Storm?

pandora-blackberry-storm.jpgI usually have Pandora, the internet-based radio station, running in the background while I work, and I see the ads showcasing the Pandora application for the iPhone just about every time I log in.  In fact, Pandora for iPhone just went 2.0, adding new functionality to an already well designed application.

So I have to ask...  where is version 1.0 for my BlackBerry Storm?  Why can't I join in to the Music Genome Project from one of the most advanced mobile devices on the market?  I can't even access Pandora through the web browser on the Storm.  Pandora Mobile already supports Sprint, AT&T, and Windows Mobile phones.  Why not support the latest and greatest from Verizon, the soon to be largest US Carrier?

When emailed a request for a Pandora app for the Storm, this was the reply:

Thanks very much for writing.

Each version of Pandora software for a portable device needs to be separately developed and approved by the cell carrier. We're currently working to bring Pandora to more devices including the Blackberry.

I don't know exactly when it will be available for the Storm but I would encourage you to stay tuned to our "On the Go" page for updates: Pandora Radio - Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music for updates.

Thanks for listening in the meantime!

Tom K@ Pandora

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Feedback for Pandora for the BlackBerry Storm?


That's what I'm sayin', dude. I listen to Pandora when I take a shower in the morning and all day at work and I feel a little disappointed that it's not available on the Storm...yet. Hopefully it will be soon though. :D

Come on guys! We all know that making a deal with Apple is like selling your soul to the Devil.

Don't think for even a second that Apple didn't put wording in their contract to prevent Pandora from making it available for "Certain" other devices.

So we are in the middle of March. What's the story of Pandora for the Storm. Can't be that hard.


This sucks i just got the storm and i couldnt wait to set up Pandora on it and I was dissipointed. I acually NEED it I mean i had the itouch and was dissipointed with its internet service and was thinking of the iphone which sucks aswell. So im stuck i really want to stick to Pandora but idk. I need music on my phone


I emailed them to guys and I got the same response i dont know what it means

they are or not working on it
do they just send it out and not produce you got to ask urself that

Music lover-

So disappointed! I can't wait for this app! Hopefully they get on the ball and get this done soon..

It just came out for the storm today!!!!

It's true! Thanks Pandora!