How Do You Not Review That Last Play?

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How Do You Not Review That Last Play?

warner_cardinals.jpgFirst and foremost, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for their 27-23 win over the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl 43.

But, the NFL better be ready for the hell they are going to get about the officiating tomorrow.  It's one thing if a bad call is made, or if something gets missed, especially during the regular season.  However, this is the Super Bowl, and the technology surrounding instant replay almost borders on obscene.  6+ high definition camera angles locked onto each play, all able to be played back instantly at insanely slow speeds...

I'm not saying the call would have been overturned, but the replay official Bob McGrath should have issued a challenge to make sure Kurt Warner's arm wasn't moving forward on that forced fumble call.  It was that close.

It's not like the NFL had anything to lose by reviewing the play. If the ruling on the field was overturned, the last play had the potential to be one of the most exciting finishes to a Super Bowl. The Arizona Cardinals - the underdogs - down by 4 - one play left in the game - a bomb thrown by Kurt Warner - to a wide receiver core consisting of Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Breaston - against Troy Polamalu and the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense...

Man, it had so much potential.

It's one thing to blow it on the big stage because you didn't have the resources or technology to help you make the right call.  It's another thing all together to have them at your fingertips and then choose to ignore them.

Feedback for How Do You Not Review That Last Play?


amen- I am at such a loss. Why couldn't they have reviewed the play to erase all doubt. This will be the play that I remember from this superbowl- Once again the Steelers steal another SuperBowl through questionable officiating.

- still bitter in Seattle

Steal a SuperBowl? Really? So you are assuming that if they reviewed the play and overturned the call, the Cardinals would have scored on the next play? That is a pretty large assumption to make. The fact that they marched downfield and scored the go ahead TD in the last two minutes means nothing?

Look, your Seattle team lost to a better team. Move on!