Slacker Radio Beats Pandora to the Punch

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Slacker Radio Beats Pandora to the Punch

slacker_for_storm.jpgI'm a Pandora addict.  It's always playing in the background on just about every computer I sit down at.  I have been dying for Pandora to release an app for my BlackBerry Storm because I've recently gotten myself back in gear and into the gym 4 or 5 nights a week.  It'd be nice to just bring my Storm and some headphones while I work out, and get a nice variety of music that I didn't have to purchase or spend hours organizing into "perfect" playlists.

Well Pandora dropped the ball, even after myself and others have repeatedly harassed them over the past month or two. Slacker Radio beat them to the punch and is now available for the BlackBerry Storm.  It's a sweet little application for streaming internet radio, and even has a function to cache a song to listen to later offline.  You can get artist bios, album reviews, can ban artists from your stations, and the music continues to run while you use other applications on your phone.  It also has a nice landscape design that works well with the touch screen functionality of the Storm.

Honestly, I'm very impressed, and have even switched my computer over to Slacker Radio to really test what it has to offer.  Who knows, the switch may be permanent.  It really appeals to me when a company tries to stay on top of new technology, and makes sure it's accessible across all formats.

Who's the slacker now Pandora?

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Pandora Just come out for the Storm today!! ^_^

You're right! pandora come out. besides thanks admin for informative article.