Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo 2009 New York kicks off with twitter

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Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo 2009 New York kicks off with twitter

twitter-is-god.jpgI've been so busy recently with the daily grind at TMC that I completely forgot to mention that I will be attending the Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo 2009 in New York City Tuesday through Thursday this week. In preparation for the conference, I joined twitter yesterday to better understand their Tuesday Keynote by Guy Kawasaki, the author of Reality Check.  As a secondary goal I was going to tweet during each track I attended so that my colleagues at TMC and the rest of the world could keep up with up-to-the-minute notes.  Yeah I know... I recently complained about the people who update their facebook status every few minutes, and now I'm tweeting.  I'm a sell out.  Shoot me.

After an express train out of White Plains to Grand Central and a brisk 15 minute walk to the Hilton, I received a warm cup of coffee and an equally as warm welcome from the folks running this show.  Registration was a little slow, and the lines were lengthy, but I was ushered through fast enough to get a good seat for Guy's presentation titled "Twitter as a Tool for Social Media". The session was captivating to say the least and it really helped me understand the power twitter has in delivering your message to the masses.  Guy managed to convince me that twitter just may be "the most powerful marketing tool since television."   The best news though is that it's free to everyone, unlike marketing on TV.  Also the field is level and the rules are the same for everyone.  If you are Britney Spears or a nobody, you all have 140 characters to get your message out.

I'm sold, and Guy provided me with a lot of hints and resources to work my own magic with twitter.   For some of those notes, hints, and resource names dropped by Guy tthrough the track, check out my tweets from this morning and stay tuned for more sessions through the rest of the conference. 
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