What Happens To My Facebook When I Die?

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What Happens To My Facebook When I Die?

facebook-death.jpgI've been pretty sick recently, and while thrashing in bed with fever, my mind tends to race across questions people normally don't ask.  During one such evening this week, my thoughts touched on the fact that there must be a decent percentage of real estate on Facebook... that is dead.  Come to think of it, that number is ever increasing.

I know Facebook is still young in the grand scheme of life, and right now the number of living users greatly outweighs the dead ones, but what about the future?  What do you do with all of the dead accounts? Leave them as "Memorials" as Facebook policy suggests?  Build a sister site like mydeathspace.com , to list out the profiles as obituaries?  People like Stephanie Bemister don't think so.

More importantly, what do you do when someone dies that you are friends with? Do you un-friend them?  Do you leave them a message, or comment on their wall?  Send them a gift or... *gulp* poke them?

The functionality of Facebook has allowed people to document their daily rituals and their entire adult lives on Facebook.  A perfect autobiography of sorts.  Pictures, comments, reactions, friends, family, personality, random thoughts... etc.   It seems a shame to get rid of it, but morbid to keep it.

I've actually been very confused as to what I would do.  I'm not looking forward to the day I'm forced to figure it out either.
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I lost my bestfriend and boyfriend back in 2008. He had a facebook and myspace. Sometimes it makes me sad when I look at it. But, sometimes it makes me feel happy. I don't carry his pictures with me to work so if I miss him and want to look at him I just log in and there he is. I agree it's a little morbid...but I think I would be upset if it wasn't there. Also, on the anniversary of his death and on his birthday I leave him comments...I know he can't read them...and I know it's kind of silly, But it makes me feel good, even if it is just for a minute. Looking through his comments and pictures and everything reminds me of the happy times when he was still alive. In my opinion...leave the facebooks where they are. If a person puts up a web page it is because they wanted it there. And I don't see why we should change it when they are gone.