Best Application for the BlackBerry Storm

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Best Application for the BlackBerry Storm

QuickPull.jpgOver the past few weeks I've been browsing through the FREE applications available in BlackBerry App World and I think I may have found the best and most useful App available so far for the BlackBerry Storm.

I introduce to you QuickPull v2 by Steelthorn Software.  QuickPull is an app that frees memory quickly by simulating a battery pull soft reset.  It even has the ability to schedule to run daily.

Laugh all you want, but I'm still running the latest official OS release (, which is 4 months old at this point.  With all of the new apps I've been downloading, I'm noticing more freezes and little bugs and glitches popping up everywhere.  I've become quite good and fast at pulling my battery, but now all I need to do is push a button.  To keep the device healthy I can even schedule it to reset once a day.

QuickPull v2 is completely Free, and is available in BlackBerry App World, or as a download directly from Steelthorn Software.

Now hopefully, with the projected release of the new OS ( within the next few weeks, this app will be obsolete and Storm users won't need to be so well versed at pulling their battery after every download.  But, as it stands now, I can say this is the most useful app I've found so far, and I'm apparently not the only one.  It's currently sitting at #3 on the top download list on App World.

All you brainiacs at RIM may want to have a think on that.  The third most popular download in your beloved App World actually simulates someone taking apart their device and pulling the battery out of it.  The simple fact that there is a need for something like this should be setting off some alarms over there.
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