MSN Live Search Submission Change?

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MSN Live Search Submission Change?

Once I launch a site or micro site on the web, I usually submit the URL to Google, Yahoo!, and Live Search.  There's never a guarantee that any of them will crawl or index you promptly (or that this does anything at all), but in the world of SEO, I try to use whatever the search engines offer that will get my work found.  The rest is in the hands of God... I mean Google.

I was doing this routine for a handful of channels launched on TMCnet recently, and noticed a change with the Live Search submission page.  The submission page looks the same, but I couldn't get it to accept sub folders in the URL this time around.  I thought maybe I was having an off day, so I had a few other designers here test it out.  Sure enough, we could only submit the root folder/ home page of the domain now, and no sub folders. I may be late on this discovery, but it seemed worth mentioning.

It looks like Live Search is putting more weight into the link structure of your homepage, and how well it navigates to everything else in your site.  Not a big issue really, especially for TMCnet. You can get everywhere from our homepage.  We just wont be bothering to submit micro sites to Live Search anymore.

Come to think about it, who uses Live Search anyways?
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