Kindle DX: Big Screen, Bigger Price Tag

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Kindle DX: Big Screen, Bigger Price Tag

Kindle-DX.jpgThe third version of the Kindle was announced this week, featuring a larger screen and an even larger price tag.  The Kindle DX is designed specifically for making newspaper and magazine reading easier and more familiar for the Kindle user.  It features a 9.7 in screen versus the 6 in screen on the Kindle 2, but it also costs $130 dollars more with a price tag of $489.

While I've never used one, I'm very interested in the Kindle.  I love gadgets, and I love to read.  But, there's something comforting about having a paper back that can fit in my back pocket and that I can dog-ear to hell.  Then there's that price tag...  I couldn't  bring myself to buy the Kindle 2 at $359, and now this bigger and better version is being released with an even steeper price.

Now I'm not frugal by any means.  I'm one of those dumb consumers that loves his tech.  Big, shiny, fast, HD, Wireless?  I love it all.  I buy the newest, I buy the biggest, and I buy it as soon as I can, way before the reviews come out that would warn me not to.  But this Kindle thing I've held back on, because I just feel like it's going to fail.  I have no proof, in fact I have quite the opposite.

Kindle sales are up.  There are currently 245K books available for the Kindle, and 35% of the sales for those titles are Kindle sales. That's huge.  If it does take off, it could save sections of the Publishing world that are currently drowning.  The most expensive fixed cost of printing a magazine or newspaper is the paper.  Editors and writers come through like there's a revolving door, but that press runs ever day.  Entire publishing companies could end up being exclusively Kindle.

The Kindle is an interesting little piece of tech, but I don't see Amazon convincing people like myself to abandon our paperbacks unless that price starts dropping.
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Its always gonna be a talk of the town for the Amazon’s The Kindle DX is coming out and this new edition of the Kindle means that things are going to get worse. Amazon released the Kindle DX just recently, and it's a vast improvement over the previous edition. It's nearly twice the size of the original Kindle, and it has twice the storage space. It will take quite the cash advance, as it retails for about $500. It will download entire books for pennies per page, New York Times Bestsellers could go for as little as $10 or less. The newspaper industry is in dire need of debt relief, which the Kindle DX is probably not helping – but it sure is cool.