Time to Abandon the BlackBerry Storm?

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Time to Abandon the BlackBerry Storm?

I've been a strong supporter of  the BlackBerry Storm since it's announcement last year, but it may be time for me to cut my loses.  I expected a buggy phone with it being the first generation model.  But... I also expected RIM and Verizon to fix said bugs with OS updates.  The last update for this phone was firmware version, back on December 5, of 2008.

Now, it's been announced that the long awaited next official update to OS version was rejected by Verizon.  However, Canadian service providers, Bell and Telus, approved and rolled out the update.   Apparently it failed Verizon certification testing, but with how buggy my phone is, I can't imagine it could have been worse than what I am running right now.  If it's good enough for Canada, it's good enough for me.

Hey Verizon, just give us something.  You don't have to get it perfect, infact I doubt you could even if you wanted to. Just start fixing a few things at a time and send us a small update every once in a  while.  Show us that you're doing something, hell... ANYTHING to make our investment feel worthwhile.

With the speculation that Verizon will be rolling out a Storm 2, possibly as soon as next year, I'm really loosing faith.  I'm not sure who is running the show over there, but I can tell you this for sure...  If they don't try to fix this first model, I'm not buying the second model.   Actually I'll guarantee you this.  I'll abandon Verizon all together.
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Feedback for Time to Abandon the BlackBerry Storm?


Verizon is crap, so is the Storm.

And now the storm2 is officially here, lovely, except for the fact that I am left high and dry by their original storm, stuck in an 18 month contract for a useless, slow, crashing, unresponsive phone. I was taken in by the 'iphone competitor' speil only now to be wishing for the end of my contract. Its backlight turns off for no reason and takes minutes to come back, sometimes it refuses to connect to the phone network and needs a battery removal restart to re-connect, rotate the screen it can take a minute to respond, try to answer a call and it can take 5 seconds to connect - or drop the connection (I ring more people back than I ever answer because of this), dreadful battery life, unresponsive interface, non-intuitive interface - as in a call fails, but instead of taking me back to the contact book, it takes me back to the OS home page, taking 3 clicks and search to get back to my contact to try another number. It locks-up and takes 3 sometimes 4 battery removals to re-start - so sending a text can take 20 minutes if it's crashing! I tried to record a video, the first time I ever used this feature of my brother opening his birthday present from my mother (she lives 100s miles away), and yes, IT FAILED TO SAVE, unknown error! Oh yes and I forgot to mention - I'm on my 2nd replacement screen. Useless, useless piece of junk and I am stuck with it - and I feel abandoned because instead of helping their previous victims they release a 'new' version with fanfare. Get stuffed if you think Blackberry get any more of my money.