Bing Isn't Too Friendly to Other Search Engines

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Bing Isn't Too Friendly to Other Search Engines

I found an interesting feature of Bing this afternoon.

First, go to Google and do a search for Bing.  My search found about 47,800,000 results and displayed the first 10.  Now do a search for Yahoo!.  This search turned up about 2,460,000,000 results for me.  That's a lot of real estate Google allows for other search engines in the market, and rightfully so.  A search in Google gives you everything you could possibly want that it has in the index in a fairly logical order of importance.  The user gets to choose what to ignore.  Sounds like a true search to me.

Now go to Bing and search for Google. I don't know about you, but I get 1 result displayed.  It says it found 184,000,000 results, but only opted to show me 1.   No supporting stories, no news listed underneath, no other websites, just Google.  You have to click the link below to "search for other results containing Google" in order to see more.  Now search for Yahoo!.  Again, I get 1 result displayed.  It's the same for  However, if you search for Bing, you get a full display of the first 14 of 6,270,000 results.

I also found that a handful of news sites are treated the same way.  CNN, Fox News, ESPN, The New York Times, and probably more.  Thankfully my main source of news, BBC, has been excluded from this treatment, which actually helps me prove my point.  A search for BBC gives you a ton of results on the first page including, sub sites, news articles, and video clips.

Seems like Bing has restrictions built into it that greatly limit the exposure of certain competitive companies in its search results.  I'm not sure who the genius is behind that one, but come on Microsoft...  do you really have to be that petty?  You want to be the next best search engine next to Google?  Then take a page from their book and treat just about every search the same.  Find everything you can, lay it all out there for us in an order that makes some kind of sense, and we'll figure out what we want from the results. Hell, we might even learn something new a few pages down.
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