Verizon Redeems Itself with

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Verizon Redeems Itself with

If you read this blog semi-frequently, you know about my love / hate relationship with my BlackBerry Storm.  I'm normally fairly quick at announcing my reaction to the latest releases regarding this phone, but I purposely did not announce the release of BlackBerry Storm OS last Sunday.

Why you ask?  Because I don't trust Verizon anymore, and I didn't want to suggest downloading anything that could drive a BlackBerry Storm user closer to launching this phone off a cliff.  I wanted to put in a few days of testing and see if this really is the update we were all waiting for.  I'm happy to say...  it is!

How do I know? Because for 5 days straight my BalckBerry Storm worked.  Yeah that's right, it worked. No Joke.  No hangups, better response time, no battery pulls.  I know to all of you other smartphone users, this doesn't sound impressive.  But, for a Storm user, having the phone work is a blessing in itself at this point.

A few people have had issues with the new OS erasing their contacts and addresses because of how they completed the update, but you should always back-up your BlackBerry before an update.  I had the same issue, and with a quick restore from my latest back-up, everything loaded back in.

Other than that hiccup, I haven't had another issue.  The phone is much more responsive especially on the home menu and with scrolling.  It just feels like a much more stable program all together.  The accelerometer is still not perfect but it's much, much faster.  I don't type in portrait mode much, but I can at least use the new QWERTY keyboard effectively and easily.  I'm pretty sure I looked like a monkey with a math problem when trying to use the old portrait mode SureType keyboard. I don't use my camera a lot either, but the camera functions have been mostly fixed as well.  There use to be a white screen delay of nearly 3 seconds between when you snapped a photo and when the camera actually took the picture and displayed the image.  It's now virtually instant, just like a real camera.

I guess that's my whole point about this update.  The Blackberry Storm now works like a REAL smartphone.  I honestly feel like I bought a new phone last Sunday.

A full list of the fixes included in is below:


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