The BlackBerry Storm 8 Months Later

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The BlackBerry Storm 8 Months Later

blackberry-storm-sucks.jpgI really wanted to like this Smartphone.  I've tried so hard.  People ask me on a daily basis how I like the Storm.  I can't tell if they ask out of general curiosity, or pity, but I lie either way and say it's great.  It's terrible, but I have my reasons.  Primarily, I really hate to admit failure in my investment of time and money.  Secondly, I really did hope things would get better with upgrades. It's now been 8 months.  There's been a few OS upgrades, and there is reports of a new model possibly surfacing in November.  It's time to set things straight.

Official review from someone that used the BlackBerry Storm extensively for 8 months:
Run, don't walk away from this BlackBerry.

It had so much potential, so much promise... so many bugs.   When I wake up to the alarm on my BlackBerry Storm every morning (that it decides to work), I glance over at my night table and all I can think about is the "F" word.


No wait...  Failure.  No, maybe Flop.  Or maybe... nahhh can't say that here.

As soon as I depress the screen (multiple times for it to register) to activate snooze for the 5th time, I know all I have to look forward to with my hand-held headache is a full day worth of cursing as my little black and chrome friend refuses to work, lags out, hangs up, or just turns off for no reason.  Sometimes I don't even get to hit snooze.  Those are the mornings I wake up on my own due to the failure of the device overnight.  Those mornings are my favorite.  And by "favorite" I really mean the phone is lucky to still be in one piece at that point.  Those are the mornings that some type of battery or hardware failure occurred overnight and I am greeted with a white screen and an icon of a battery with a blue lightning bolt through it.

Those are the special mornings that I get to take the next couple of hours trying to get the phone to take a charge, pulling the battery, and holding buttons on boot screens, until finally I hit the perfect combination of random events that tell my BlackBerry Storm to come back to life.

Speaking of battery pulls, it's a daily occurrence.  Sometimes multiple times a day. The damn Storm should just have an eject button to make it easier for me.  Pulling off my protector, the rear panel, and then digging out the battery, just to replace everything a second later gets old real fast.  What kind of gadget requires you to yank its power source out daily just to keep it limping along?

Want to read your email?  Press and wait 2 minutes.  That's the average time I have to wait each time.

Need to make a phone call? I'd love to, but the little green button doesn't seem to register the request until the 12th time I press it.

Yesterday I snapped.  I wrote to Verizon and explained that I'm about 12 hours from giving up on them and switching to AT&T and an iPhone unless they attempt to fix my problem.  Early termination penalty or no, I'm that fed up.  I asked for a replacement BlackBerry Tour free of charge, so I could continue with the Verizon service, but I could shed myself of this epic disappointment of hand-held technology.

They explained that because I have never reported a problem previously, and I have not replaced the phone yet, that they could not accommodate my request for the Tour.  Instead they are sending me a new Storm in the mail to replace my "problem". Yay.  I'm overflowing with excitement...

The first hick-up this new phone experiences will result in me marching it right back to Verizon.  I've dealt with it long enough and I refuse to continue.  They can keep replacing my problem Storms until they get that it would just be cheaper to give me something that works.  Maybe I'll be able to run their stock dry to save the rest of you from making my mistake.

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Well, I’d say you have a bad unit. Btw, I know a few people with iphones who have bad units too and had them replaced more than once.

I got my Storm shortly after it came out (dec 08) and I don’t have any of the problems you are describing. In fact I think this is the best first generation anything I ever owned. The only thing I’m missing is WiFi.