Your GPS is Ruining My Commute

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Your GPS is Ruining My Commute


Yeah that's right, you in the SUV.  The one with the 4 inch screen suction cupped  to your windshield.  The one keeping their eyes on that dumb purple line instead of on the road like they should be.

You are ruining my morning commute.

I've lived in the Connecticut area for about 25 years now, and I know these roads.  I know the fast roads, the slow roads, the roads that always have traffic, the roads that are always clear, the dangerous roads, the forgotten roads... needless to say, no matter where you throw a problem at me on my commute, I can detour it easily.  I've put in the time and learned these routes, I've explored them personally, I've used them semi-frequently, and when I finally have a need to use them, I ACTUALLY KNOW WHERE I AM GOING.

You on the other hand, probably can't get to your own mother's house without plugging in your Garmin, or TomTom, or whatever else is out there.  You who worship at the "Church of the Purple Line", where your faith in your GPS is unquestionable.  You can't live without it.  You would be lost without a guide to show you the way for every second that you are in transit.   You, who at the first sign of traffic hit the "Reroute" button...

You're in my way.

Not only are you now using my back-roads that you've never seen before, you're driving extra slow because you have no idea where you are.  You're nearly doubling how long my commute should take.  You drive almost as if you are playing a video game, where you navigate the map on the screen instead of the road in-front of you.  You misread turns and slam on your brakes, because you panic.  You have disobeyed your GPS and you don't want her to yell at you.   Don't worry, she won't, but I sure as hell am going to lay on my horn until you realize you are causing issues for the rest of us.

You are clogging roads you should not be on.  You are slowing down traffic state wide.  You are increasing commutes and raising the levels of road rage.  You are responsible for people having to resort to fast-food breakfasts, because they no longer have the time to stop and get something healthy.  You are responsible for that extra cigarette or 6 being smoked during our morning commute.  You are responsible for that extra drink needed at the end of the night to help wind down.

You are killing the rest of us.  I hope you're happy.

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Yup, it drives me nuts when my GPS never tracks right and it brings you to a dead end or something. I always check with an online map before heading out.