Drew Rattray : Design vs. Functionality
Drew Rattray
| News and views on design vs. functionality balance across the communications and technology space.

Image representing as depicted in Cr... is an online portal that you go to if you want to learn a new software. The software mostly caters to design/creative professionals but there is truly a topic of interest for everyone, even accountants! 

Although has been around for a long time, I hadn't taken stock of the vast amount of information on the website until recently. I worked for a company that purchased accounts set up for the team so this was my opportunity to brush up on new software updates and also to learn something new. Although you can find tutorials online by doing a google search. The material prepared on is unmatched in that the information is highly organized and arranged for the beginner, intermediate and advanced user quite nicely. In many instances the master instructors lead you with real world projects that you can follow from beginning to end easily.

I took a spin and looked up some advanced technique for Adobe's Flagship vector program Illustrator with well known instructor Deke McClelland and was pleasantly surprised. All I kept thinking was I should have subscribed years ago. Many of you have probably heard of but have never taken the plunge. The membership is as low as $25 per month so it's definitely affordable. Go ahead and subscribe, you won't regret it. Look at it as a tax write off that will actually benefit you.