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The BlackBerry Storm 8 Months Later

I really wanted to like this Smartphone.  I've tried so hard.  People ask me on a daily basis how I like the Storm.  I can't tell if they ask out of general curiosity, or pity, but I lie either way...

Verizon Redeems Itself with

If you read this blog semi-frequently, you know about my love / hate relationship with my BlackBerry Storm.  I'm normally fairly quick at announcing my reaction to the latest releases regarding this phone, but I purposely did not announce the...

Pandora for the BlackBerry Storm Finally Released

It's here, finally.After constant badgering from Storm users and months of delay...Pandora has released the highly anticipated application that will give BlackBerry Storm users a mobile version of their service.  Download information for the Storm is located at http://www.pandora.com/blackberry.It's a...

BlackBerry App World is Here!

They missed their March 2009 launch by a day, but who cares... it's here.  RIM and BlackBerry® take their next step in the ongoing competition with Apple and the iPhone.  Finally an application store for our BlackBerry's, which is something...