Capturing your life via 4G

The application we have all been waiting for us finally here.  The ability to record your everyday life on video.  uCorder ( ) has come out with a small camera that easily clips to your clothing and will store up to 2GB of video on flash memory and another 8GB with an extra memory card.  The camera is about the size of a USB thumb drive and can run a few hours on its battery.  Despite the fact this is not the ideal form factor, battery life, video quality, or memory size yet, it is an early signal of the trend towards ubiquitous personal video and surveillance that will affect both wireless networks and our personal lives dramatically.  If this progresses to a streaming model like uStream, the traffic generated would be massive and could crush existing networks.  The personal implications are that every action will be caught on video making everyone's life a documentary.  It also furthers the concept of people as sensors that I discussed in a previous blog and in my book The New World of Wireless: How to Compete in the 4G Revolution (
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