Where is the Money Flowing in the Mobile Internet Wave?

I gave two talks at the recent Devcon5 Conference in New York City on "Venture Capital in a Mobile Virtual World" and "Seeding the Start-ups"(http://html5.tmcnet.com/conference/newyork/Agenda/Agenda-at-a-glance.aspx)  Some of the highlights from my talk were: 1) Mobile is a distinct wave (personal, ubiquitous, payments, point-of-decision, behavior measurement, social context, and augmented reality to name a few); 2) Despite the fact that wireless VC investment is rising to $1B+ in 2011, in is still a shadow of the $4B spent in 2000 and pales compared to the $8B spent in Cleantech;  3) Of the 114 wireless deals done this year so far, 65 are early stage/series A and the largest deals included $100M in Square and $50M in Foursquare;  4) New York is quietly becoming a major investment hub for wireless on the back of its strong media/advertising corridor.  New York + Boston now equals the total VC wireless/tech investment in Silicon Valley in 2011;  5) Hot areas for investment include network traffic shaping/offload, video optimization, social media integration, apps/middleware, mobile analytics;  6) HTML5 is lowering the barrier to entry for mobile apps (less dependency on 3rd party software) and new apps store models like Facebook and Amazon;  7) the wireless wave is causing significant "creative destruction" and is presenting new opportunities at the boundaries/intersections of traditional industries (example - Kindle); 8) Large players will need to adopt a co-innovation approach in order to attract the participation of smaller companies with creative, innovative solutions;  9) Several carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have created co-innovation testbeds to make their networks/resources accessible to entrepreneurs/developers;  10) seed funding is available for good ideas and investors are willing to move fast (our own new venture, Mobiquity, was able to close on funding in less than 3 months from the initial plan)
The frenzy around mobile investment is building, but this time, the economics (cheap smartphones/tablets) and market reach (10B devices) are there to support the returns to make this more than another bubble.

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