Enterprise Mobility - the Tipping Point

We have all seen the data.  Over 100 million smartphones in the US by 2015.  44 billion app downloads by 2016.  80% of Fortune500 Companies testing or deploying the iPhone and 65% are testing/deploying the iPad. Mobile devices becoming the dominant method of accessing internet.  Mobile devices are the fastest growing consumer product in history.  But what about the enterprise.  Many people believe the impact of mobile in the enterprise may be even larger than the consumer market impact.  By unleashing empowered end-users both inside and outside the company walls, Mobility is democratizing technology like never before and driving innovation to the edge of large organizations (http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article.cfm?articleid=2860).  But are enterprises really ready to move and invest in mobility in a big way?  Is this the time when we move from talk to action?  I believe the answer is yes.  We started Mobiquity (www.mobiquityinc.com) based on the premise that mobility is fundamental to the future success of enterprises and providing a full range of services from strategy to design/development was critical to help them succeed.  In addition, we saw three things that made us believe the timing was right for enterprise mobility:  1) large platforms like SAP began to open up back-end data to the mobile layer to support a much faster cycle to develop new applications that leverage this data.  2) The security issue is getting solved.  While there are still risks around mobile security, the ability to lock down applications on any device, including Android (which has been the laggard around security) is now available through companies like Mocana (www.mocana.com) with their App Lock offering, and mobile device management (MDM) vendors starting to provide similar levels of control on the device.  3) There is now top down pressure thanks to the "shiny object" effect of tens of millions of execs getting iPads and starting to experience the art of the possible for mobility and their business.  These three catalysts have created a tipping point for mobile in the enterprise.  Much like the internet, mobility will seep into every part of the business and change how we do things, except only faster given the magnitude increase in end-users and shorter app development cycles.  So stopping waiting.  We are already there!
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