ShoreTel 12 System Administration

We have not had an update to our System Administration video series since Version 8.    System Administration had not significantly changed over the various new releases, so we did not feel the need to do an update.  Our Version 8 stuff is still relevant and useful no matter what Version of ShoreTel you are on.   We actually installed our first ShoreTel system on Version 3 Build 3.1.11100  back in the day when Shoreline only had Analog phones!  You might be interested to know that first system is still installed and we have continue to upgrade it over the last nine years!   We had to make a hardware change for the first time recently, but come on!  9 years on the same system!  That is amazing.   Talk about ROI!  We have watched with old blue Shoreline become the new Orange ShoreTel while  steadily improving the functionality, scale and architecture over the years!   Somewhere around Version 4 we grew IP phones,  but System Administration was relatively the same.   When we moved from the old Microsoft Access Database in Version 7 to the MySQL database in Version 8, System administration was still basically the same, but we finally cranked out a tutorial revision.

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