Configuring Users in ShoreTel Version 12

Adding Users in ShoreTel is among the most common tasks a system administrator will be expected to perform.  We suspect once the ShoreTel solution is fully deployed, you will generally not have to tweak Trunks, Switches and Application Servers, but you will always be handling requests from USERS to make changes.  These changes will run from adding New Users to changing the feature access of existing Users.    Most User options can actually be changed by the Users themselves but often they will call System Administration or the “help desk” and expect your  assistance.   ShoreTel Users have wide range of very rich features that they can configure to meet operating business goals.  The list of features ranges form “twinning” to “find me follow me”, call handling modes, and  “personal operators”.   There is also a range of options for customizing ring tones, wall paper, Communicator Tool Bars, and phone buttons.  Adding users is easy!  On ShoreTel Training, Understanding feature configuration options and how they interact with the ShoreTel system requires a bit more study.

Generally, ShoreTel phone extensions to not exist without an associated User.   This is a cultural issue as much as an architectural issue.

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