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When someone is on your website, it is like they entered your store.  Clearly, they have an interest in what you are about or they would not be there.  It is at this moment that they are most receptive to learning about your product and services.  Would you not like to know when someone hits your website?  Better yet, would you like an opportunity to interact with a visitor to your website?  If so, you want to enable a CHAT function, a link that says "connect with a company representative now"!  Clicking that link opens a real time conversation channel with an internal human resource at your company!  Research proves that the sales conversion rate on these transactions are without equal.  Do you suffer from "shopping cart" abandonment?  Maybe that last minute question could have been answered if your site had a Chat function!

For CISCO Support or ShoreTel Support, Visit DrVoIP. Read the entire post on ShoreTel Chat including a video on our shoretel blog.

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