In search of the Killer Contact Center Script (UCCX or ECC)!

After your first 100 or so Contact Center Scripts you begin to wonder if it would be possible to generate a “killer script!".    Mastered UCCX Tutorial. No matter how many hours you sit with clients and do your very best to extract their call handling requirements, it just never seems to be enough!   Generally, you have some block of professional hours to complete the script, test, train and turn up before “go live”.    You ask the client for their requirements and “wish list”, then prioritize the list toward the goal of getting as much done as possible within the budget allocated to the project.    You no sooner get the script up and operational and the client is  asking for six options that never came up during the time you were discussing requirements and they were never even on the “wish list”!   last time this happen to me, I determined to write a script that would have run time options for the various script extensions I have seen over the years.    Start with a basic Generic script that had modules that you could switch in an out to achieve not only increase functionality,  but efficiency in both cost and time. CISCO Training and CISCO Support ... Read more on Contact Center Scripts
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