What is going on at ShoreTel now?

I very seldom comment, in this technology blog,  on company policy and just try to stay focused on VoIP.   This time I am speaking out as a ShoreTel Shareholder, you know one of the people who bought into the $10 a share IPO (at about the time they were suddenly sued by Mitel for patent infringement)?  ShoreTel stock (SHOR) is now trading at $3.50 or so?   The company has been through at least three CEO’s post start up and they are now scouting for yet another.   Every key executive in the non Engineering side of the house has jumped ship.  What do you do when your key sales people go to work for a competitor, like Mitel?   What signal does that send to the market? Need ShoreTel Training or CISCO Training? ... Read more on DrVoIP ShoreTel Blog
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