AWS Call Center - Our first impressions

How we first used EC2!

As a long time Contact Center custom software integration and scripting consultants, we long ago learned to use AWS if we want to get our projects completed on schedule and get paid!  Most scripting work in ShoreTel or CISCO Call Centers will typically involve using an external database.  During the requirements discovery we would highlight that we needed a SQL server,  OBDC connector, Active Directory Credentials and database testing maintenance windows.   The IT folks would then go into the vaudeville act of outlining the procurement and setup process and all the other project killing goodies that were housed across the server team, security and of the growing backlog in other projects.  Given that we typically don’t get paid until the solution is up and running, we would run with a different approach.  We can spin up an Amazon Machine Instance running a marketplace LAMP server and have everything we need to get busy with our Call Center Integration project in about 15 minutes!  When the IT team finally catches up, we can just move our finished project to their stuff.  This often cuts weeks, if not months out of our project deployments.  Yea we love AWS!

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Be an Agent in our Call Center – Login and Try it out!

As with all cloud based call center solutions, Agents can log in from anywhere there is an internet connection.   You need a computer with a microphone, speakers or have a USB headset.  Chrome and Firefox are the best browsers to use as they do not currently support Apple’s Safari.   We have made it so you can log in and try our initial demo system.  Just click this link and log in as an Agent with a Hobbit username of Gandalf, Gollum or Trandull and a password of “CallDrVoIP”.   After logging in and making yourself READY, place a test call by dialing into the call center at 703-659-4498.  (We will keep the demo up and continue to advance the feature set, so watch this blog for more details).

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