After your first 100 or so Contact Center Scripts you begin to wonder if it would be possible to generate a “killer script!".    Mastered UCCX Tutorial. No matter how many hours you sit with clients and do your very best to extract their call handling requirements, it just never seems to be enough!   Generally, you have some block of professional hours to complete the script, test, train and turn up before “go live”.   Continue Reading...
If you have ever tried to decide on a new hosted business VoIP solution for your company, then you have most likely run into, and been frustrated by some of the “gotcha’s” that VoIP company’s use to get you to consider their service above all others. Even when you have narrowed it down to just a few options, you have likely struggled to perform a   comparison of VoIP services that helps you make a final decision. Need CISCO Support and CISCO Training ... read more on DrVoIP ShoreTel Blog

What is going on at ShoreTel now?

August 7, 2013 11:20 AM
I very seldom comment, in this technology blog,  on company policy and just try to stay focused on VoIP.   This time I am speaking out as a ShoreTel Shareholder, you know one of the people who bought into the $10 a share IPO (at about the time they were suddenly sued by Mitel for patent infringement)?  ShoreTel stock (SHOR) is now trading at $3.50 or so?   The company has been through at least three CEO’s post start up and they are now scouting for yet another.   Continue Reading...

Martin Sloan CCIE Voice Candidate #211151677 speaks for the entire CCIE Candidate community (DrVoIP included) when he wrote the following letter:

I’m writing you this morning to express my great disappointment in regard to Cisco’s recent announcement to retire the CCIE Voice track with no reasonable upgrade path to the CCIE Collaboration.  I know that you’re well informed as to all the arguments which are being made against this decision on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, so I won’t go into any detail on why I think this is a bad decision.  At this point, the facts are well laid out for everyone to see. CISCO Support and CISCO Training ...Read more on the CISCO Certification letter.

If you have managed a contact center of any size, sooner or later, you will be asked to make a change on demand. A contact center supervisor feels the need to have a “team” meeting in the middle of the work day and needs the entire staff to be present.  This means nobody will be logged in to take calls. This is the point they call you, the contact center administrator,  and ask that you not only close the queue but record a new closed greeting. Continue Reading...
Anyone who has been deploying telephone systems for any length of time has run into the “language” issue.   Though I am personally tired of having to “Press one” for English, the fact remains that we market on a global basis even if we are a small local business.  It is rare to encounter an Automated Attendant or Call Tree that does not offer us the option of selecting another language for Cisco Support or ShoreTel Support.  In the States, Spanish tends to dominate the motivation to change language and it is invariably offered to all callers. Read more on ShoreTel ECC and CISCO UCCX on DrVoIP Blog
With an estimated 45 percent of Americans now using smartphones (66 percent for those under 30), it smartphones are starting to bleed into the enterprise. And now some businesses are beginning to evaluate whether they can manage their phone system needs directly from a smartphone. 
ShoreTel Softphone or ShoreTel Phone, Read more on DrVoIP ShoreTel Blog.
Have you ever call into a customer service function, been answered with “all of our Agents are currently busy with other customers, please wait and the next available customer service representative will be right with you” and then waited and waited and waited.   It probably crossed your mind that maybe they all went home!   Is it possible that a call center could queue a caller for service when nobody is actually logged in to handle the call?   Well, the answer is absolutely yes! For CISCO UCCX Training Videos and CISCO Training, Read more on UCCX Scripting on DrVoIP Blog

Shoretel Cisco Call Back Scripts

February 18, 2013 6:19 PM
It is almost expected that a modern call or contact center be able to offer a “call back from Queue” option to your callers.  In fact some call centers are now offering a Call Back with no phone call required from your caller at all. Cisco Training or ShoreTel Training for tech support! read the entire blog post on Shoretel Cisco Call Back Scripts
Do you run a business in which the day shift and the night shift share the same telephone instrument?   This is a very common feature requirement in call centers, help desks and order lines.   In the Health Care Profession,  a very common staffing requirement is to rotate the  ”front office” staff,  with  the “back office”e staff from time to time. For CISCO Training or ShoreTel Training, continue reading shoretel and cisco extention mobility options

Upgrade ShoreTel System

January 29, 2013 11:12 AM
The actual task of upgrading your ShoreTel system from one software version to the other is “brilliantly simple”.  The process, however, requires attention to the   detail!  Any software upgrade will challenge your “change management” process!  It is a complex process with many moving parts and it is up to you to understand what those parts are and how upgrading your software will effect those parts. ShoreTel Support for ShoreTel Communicator download.
Read the entire blog post on DrVoIP ShoreTel Blog
As Contact Center for Cisco Support and ShoreTel Support implementation consultants we get to work with both ShoreTel ECC and CISCO UCCX.   The fact of the matter is they are both really excellent solutions and very similar in many respects.   Historically, ShoreTel has had a single administration portal for the deployment of their iPBX solution.   You go to one portal to define your Users, Gateways, Call Flow, Automated Attendants, Workgroups and Voice Mail.
Read entire post on drvoip ShoreTel Blog

ShoreTel ECC and Cisco UCCX feature

November 26, 2012 1:32 PM
The smart phone applications have the advantage of offering the user a visual menu to alert the call center as to the reason for the call. “Make a Service appointment” would be a different button then “My bill has an error”. The SMS or Text message, however, has the advantage of being interactive. Sending a text message to the phone number associated with “make a service appointment” or just texting “service” could trigger a return text message that indicates available service times and the estimated wait time for your agent to call and confirm the appointment. Continue Reading...

Smart Phone Based IVR Visual

November 26, 2012 1:24 PM
This ECC application couples a call back strategy with a visual navigation menu on the customers smartphone that actually places a phone call to the agent and the customer simultaneously. The inbound call request acts more like a web page or email, but is handled by the phone system as if a caller were pressing digits after being answered by an automated attendant system. Details for ShoreTel Phone and ShoreTel Training... read on DrVoIP ShoreTel Blog

Call Center Software

November 26, 2012 1:17 PM
We recently posted a blog on how smart phones could be used to bypass automated attendants and deep dial into a call center with a Smartphone visual menu. This  blog received a lot of interest and the follow on questions clearly indicated a level of interest in just how technology impacts the traditional call center. The “call center” is now the  “contact center”! Customers are calling more frequently from mobile devices and less frequently from land lines. More Shoretel Support and ShoreTel Phone... Continue to read on DrVoIP ShoreTel Blog
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