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Why Route by DNIS?

Routing by the number the caller dialed, or DNIS is the preferred routing strategy for any Call Center call flow.  Clearly you can assign a DID phone number to a specific call flow and anyone who knocks on that door is answered by the same group of agents.   It is much more efficient to grab the DNIS information, however, and use it to index a database to retrieve the call routing information.  In this way, we only need one door to the call center! 

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ShoreTel ECC "Sticky" Email?

May 19, 2015 7:23 PM | 0 Comments

Call Centers had no sooner become “Contact” Centers  when multimedia “nice to have” features became “must have” requirements.   The more mobile the customer base, the more likely that they are on a smart phone and not sitting at a desk computer.   They want “contact” however they want to communicate.  That use to mean voice by telephone, but might now mean text, chat, email and now video! 

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Can I Text Your Call Center?

March 27, 2015 3:53 PM | 0 Comments

Phone only ‘call centers’ have been rapidly replaced with ‘contact centers’ that can also handle email and chat communications.  Customers want more options for interacting with companies they buy products and services from.  Chat requires the customer to be at a computer and though email may be sent from a mobile phone, generally the sender is at a desktop.    In a wireless world in which every man, woman and child seems to wonder around with a ‘text’  or sms enabled device on their person, does it not make sense that they would want to text your call center?

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The Contact Center is being transformed at a rate of change that is beyond the ability of current management strategies to identify and react.   Most contact centers are still using 1990 thinking in a 2020 world!  The adoption rate of Smartphones, customer satisfaction scores through social media,  wide availability of video options, and the mobility of customer demographics are terrorizing your call center and what are you doing about it?  Still routing phone calls based on Area Code?  

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ShoreTel Route Point Configuration

November 2, 2009 1:10 PM | 0 Comments
The ShoreTel IPBX "Route Points" are powerful configuration tool, generally used to enable third party applications. For ShoreTel Support or CISCO Support, visit DrVoIP. Using route points, an external application can gain complete call control. For example, when you configure a ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center, you will use route points to control call flow, media and routing options. Continue Reading...
Every call center has peaks and valleys.  Normal businesses using business voip operate with very predictable calling patterns.  Traffic over the normal business day, starts out slow and peaks between 10AM  and 2 PM on most voip for small business in the afternoon, then trickles down.  The old Bell Curve distribution pattern!   Continue Reading...

VoIP Network Monitoring

June 9, 2009 4:01 PM | 0 Comments
We have been actively working with VoIP since 1999!   Since 2001 we have installed well over 10,000 ShoreTel desktops and one characteristic of these VoIP environments has surfaced into high relief on the radar screen here in technical support:  A VoIP solution is only as good as the computer Network it runs on!  Network Monitoring - a Necessary Evil?  When someone mentions network monitoring, most network administrators immediately start thinking: overpriced, large server requirements, difficult to install, time-consuming to configure.  Continue Reading...

How to Backup Shoretel IPBX

June 3, 2009 6:26 AM | 0 Comments
Prior to version 7 of  ShoreTel, backing up your ShoreTel system was very straight forward. There was a single folder in the root directory named d:\ Shoreline data. This folder contained all the information that was required to completely restore your ShoreTel system from a bare metal server in the event of a major disaster. The folder contained the configuration database, which at the time was kept in Microsoft Access. Continue Reading...

VoIP SRST / AES Encryption!

May 29, 2009 3:02 PM

Encryption of VoIP traffic was, for some of us a humorous concept. I remembered as a young development professional how much fun it was to use a packet sniffer to capture the bosses packets and reassemble his email over the LAN.  Years before that when I worked at the phone company as a central office test engineer, it was not uncommon to find an interesting phone call and plug it into the over head paging system to provide entertainment for the late night test  crew. There are times  I still think the concept of encryption on VoIP is humorous, but it is becoming less funny all the time as we move toward end to end VoIP with no TDM at all in a world populated by terrorists and other evil doers. 

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Voip Solutions
If you ask your average IT professional what a T span is, the usual response will be that it is a 1.5MB connection to the internet. Ask your average telecom tech what a T span is and you will be told it is 24 channels of dial tone! Ask a ShoreTel VoIP Engineer what a T span is and you should get the answer:, "what do you want it to be"? One of the great challenges of implementing a business VoIP solution is the absolute requirement that the implementation team possess an interdisciplinary skill set. Continue Reading...

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