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August 29, 2005

As I search for news about the fate of architectural New Orleans (Yes, I'm concerned for the city's citizens, but I'm also concerned about irreparable damage to a city I love very much), I've realized how very slow mainstream news organizations are. There are still "Top Stories" on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and others that are 10 to 12 hours old.

We update news and articles on TMCnet far faster than the mainstream organizations do!

So, in case you've been searching for THIS piece of news, I'll share something I found in the Dallas Morning News

"In New Orleans' historic French Quarter of Napoleonic-era buildings with wrought-iron balconies, water pooled in the streets from the driving rain, but the area appeared to have escaped the catastrophic flooding that forecasters had predicted."

Which means...the Vieux Carre is more or less safe.

I wonder if the signature drink will continue to be the "Hurricane"?


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