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Political Protest Through Breakfast Choices

July 29, 2005

Today on the AP Wire: "Canada, Denmark Clash in Google Ads."

"Canada and Denmark have taken their diplomatic tussle over a lump of Arctic rocks to the Internet with competing Google ads claiming sovereignty over Hans Island. Some Canadians have called for a boycott of Danish pastries the way Americans disdained french fries when Paris declined to join the coalition forces in Iraq."

In the same manner that the U.S. "boycott" was misguided (French fries not being French, and all), it got me wondering. Are Danishes Danish? I've never been to Denmark, but I've been to Sweden and Finland, and don't recall anyone serving sticky, white-flour, carbohydrate-laden monstrosities filled with prune and glazed with...who knows what. Shellac?

Sounds like the only people who will suffer from this boycott are the stockholders of Sara Lee.


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