Beyond: Two Souls Brings New Star Along

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Beyond: Two Souls Brings New Star Along

While many have found this year's E3 show to be underwhelming to say the least, there have still been some exciting bits to slip out for general consumption. Perhaps one of the most interesting comes out around the upcoming release of Beyond: Two Souls, and just who will be handling voice over duties for the upcoming title.

Beyond: Two Souls is already being compared to Heavy Rain, so fans of the psychological thriller kind of game should be in for a treat. As for the plot, the early word suggests that it's going to follow a young lady named Jodie Holmes, who has a special gift, if you can call it that. She's got a friend she calls Aiden, and the best way to describe Aiden is that he's "a powerful presence" that can follow instructions and interact with the physical world. And as such, Aiden can create a haunting most anywhere he goes, lowering the temperature in certain spots and performing various other effects. But the police are after Jodie, and she's out to escape. The rest of the plot is, sadly, unknown.

Wandering around with a ghost in tow may well have gotten someone's notice, and this is definitely not the kind of thing you normally hear about. That alone is interesting, but it gets even better when you consider who's playing Jodie. If she looks familiar, it's apparently by design, because Jodie will be played by Ellen Page.

Now that's an interesting step; we've seen fairly big names in video games before, but this is another step in getting fairly major names involved. While the video game industry has been somewhat regarded as the poorer cousin of the movie industry, getting bigger names involved in gaming could certainly provide some extra credibility to the industry as a whole.

It's a great start, and hopefully Beyond: Two Souls will be more than just a vehicle for Ellen Page, packing in some good quality gameplay besides. It will be a while before we find out, though.
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